Federal Reserve System


The Fed

Purpose- Stabilize the economy

Regulation- Nation's money supply

Supervision- Banks

District Banks & Locations- 1: Boston, MA 2: New York, NY 3:Philadelphia, PA 4: Cleveland, OH

5: Richmond, VA 6: Atlanta, GA 7: Chicago, IL 8: St. Louis, MO 9: Minneapolis, MN

10: Kansas City, MO 11: Dallas, TX 12: Sanfrancisco, CA

Board of Governors

Location- Washington, DC

Purpose- Conduction the monetary policy, supervising/regulating banks, maintaing the stability of the financial system, & provideing financial services

FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)

Purpose- Open market operations

Function- Price stability

Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Responsibility- Makes paper money

Facts- Established in 1862

U.S. Mint

Responsibility- Makes coins

Facts- Founded in 1972