Busy Badgers

April News

This Month...

We are getting ready for Spring! Our lesson plans will be focused around this Spring season and all the creatures that come back out after Winter ends! We will be also be focusing on the letters 'S' and 'T'.

Special Dates!

April 1st- Wacky Dress Up Day!
April 10th- Happy Birthday Miss Jackie!
April 13th- Nerd Day!
April 21st- Happy Birthday Miss Shannon!
April 22nd- Pajama Day!
April 22nd- Happy Birthday Miss Jamie!
April 23rd- Miss Sam!
April 26th- Neon Day!

Just a Couple March Moments!

Additional Notes!

  • Since it is rainy season, please keep in mind that your children may get a little wet at school! Please make sure you are keeping their extra clothes bags stocked as our extra clothes supply is limited. I will always send a note home when they are in need of something!

  • As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let me know! I look forward to another month of learning and growing with you and your children through our upcoming Spring season!