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Harvey-Swanson Elementary Weekly Newsletter

You Matter

This year Harvey-Swanson has a theme, You Matter. There are so many parts to making this great school and district what it is and at times major components can be overlooked. Everyone plays a major part is making Brandon Schools what it is. To start the process, when you enter Harvey-Swanson, stop and take a look at all of the pictures of the staff on the bulletin board labeled, You Matter. Watch for the board for changes as we highlight the different groups that make Harvey-Swanson and Brandon what it is.

Have a Question?

At times there might be a question that needs to be answered. Your child's teacher will be able to meet your needs. Please use the teacher to communicate your needs before rushing into the office. It's proper to respect the teacher's expertise, so begin with the teacher and if you have further questions, just let the office staff know.

Breakfast Club

Did you know that your child can purchase breakfast at school? If your child is transported to school by the bus, the driver can let him/her off at 8:40am, to come inside to eat. If you are driving your child to school, breakfast is still an option for you as well. Just drop your child off at 8:40 and he/she can come in.

After breakfast, all of the children will be dismissed at 8:55am to go to their classrooms.

Hi Neighbor

Did you know that Harvey-Swanson is supported by a program called, Neighbor to Neighbor? It's a place where you can donate clothing items. You can also be a recipient of those donations if you need. Just let us know how we can help you.

Crossing Guard

We are looking for extra help to keep our students safe while crossing the street. It's a perfect way to help and have a huge impact, with little commitment.

Training time is 2 hours... that is 1 hour video/talk with Oakland County Deputy. And 3, 20 min, on site (at crosswalk behind HSE) trainings.

It's an after school position. On full days from 3:25- 3:40 and half days from 11:45- 12:10.

Any volunteers, please e-mail Leslie at

H.E.L.P. Updates

The H.E.L.P. group had it's first meeting this past Thursday. I learned some things to easily raise money for all of Harvey-Swanson' students. Did you know...

-Harvey-Swanson receives money for Box Tops from your favorite food items?

- Bueche's receipts can also provide additional funds by simply turning in the bottom portion of your receipt labeled- Kids Amount 2016

There is a table near the office where you can drop both items off. On behalf of all of the students of Harvey-Swanson-Thanks for making a difference.

Important Dates

Monday, Sept. 19 - Board of Education meeting at 6:30

September 20-23 -Vision screening for 1st & 3rd graders

Friday, Sept. 23 - Brandon Varsity Football Game at 7:00pm-It's Welcome Back Night!

Friday, Sept. 30th -Half Day of school

Contact Information

Get Connected and Stay Connected

Student Day-8:55-3:50pm

Half Day-8:55-12:10pm

Office Hours-8:10-4:40pm