Daredevil Nik Wallenda in Chicago

By: Lauren Yarolimek, Brooke Gorzelanczyk, and Nicole Tenuto

Have you ever wanted to walk on a tightrope? If you do then you are going to love our article! Nik Wallenda walked over the Chicago Skyscrapers blindfolded. He even planned to do it blindfolded because he wanted to step it up a notch. His first run was not blindfolded, but on his second run he was blindfolded. He is a daredevil and he has been tightroping since he was two. Nik's family all did tightroping even all the girls and his kids are learning how to. He was scared this time because the 671-foot tall Leo Burnett building happens to be 113-feet higher than the Marina City West Tower where he started. Then Wallenda traveled across the sky scrappers in 6 and a half minutes. He had to be guided by his father because there were knoches that he needed to step over or else he would trip and fall. Nik was impressed with himself. Nik had a fun time walking over the Chicago Skyscrapers.

We received this information from http://www.dogonews.com/2014/11/6/nik-wallendas-back-to-back-tightrope-walks-across-chicago-skyscrapers-are-scarily-exciting.