European Union Country Project

By:Christopher Buckwalter


Country name is Cyprus

Cyprus is not a founder of the EU and joined the EU on 2004

Cypus was not part of another county.

Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea north of it is Tukey, south of it is Egypt,and east of it is Syria

Cyprus Flag and Capital

Cyprus was a former British colony, it became independent in 1960.

Cypus' capital is Nicosia major cities are Polis,Lelfka,Paphos,and Episkopi

Tourism and geography of Cyprus

A place in Cyprus is the Ancient Salamis because it is a mine and a historical site

Some physical features of Cyprus are rivers,and mountains

Government and currency

Cyprus' government type is a Rebuplic.

Cyprus' current currency is a Euro it use to be the Cyprus pound

Interesting facts

1)Cyprus is know as the play ground of the gods

2)archeology suggest the first people lived on Cyprus 10,000 years ago

3)Cyprus' Independence Day is celebrated on the 1st of October