High School Math Teacher

Level of education, Schools, Backgroud/Traits

Level of Education

A bachelors degree is generally required to become a teacher, however some states require a masters degree as well. Before you graduate from college you must student teach in a classroom setting or have some type of mentorship. In order to teach in a public school you must require a state liscence. Some major classes to take to teach in a math field are college algebra, college geometry, precalculus, probability and statistics, and calculus 1/2/3. To become a teacher you need to take certain classes for an educational background. Some classes like these are history of education, psychology of learning, and methods of teaching.

Schools for teaching

In the next ten years more than 1.8 million of the 3.2 million teachers will become eligible for retirement. This opens up room for new teachers to apply for jobs but the question is where can we get the schooling to become a teacher. From teachingdegree.com I have found 4 top schools in pennsylvania for teaching. These schools include University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Penn state-Univeristy Park, and Lehigh Univeristy. However if you want to branch out of Pennsylvania there are many schools to accomidate your wanting. Some schools would be John Hopkins Univeristy, Harvard University, Standford University along with Vanderbilt Univeristy.

Background and Traits

Before actually teaching in a classroom setting weac.org says there are 10 things teachers should know how to do. First she/he should know the subject they are teaching. Next they should know how children grow and develop so they can help them grow and develop. Third a teacher should understand that children learn differently. Next a teacher should know how to teach to accomidate different learning styles so all of the students understand the full lesson. When teaching you should also know how to manage the classroom. This could include emergencies and dicipline. Since a teacher interacts with many coworkers, students, and parents throughout the day they should know how to communicate well with others. A teacher should also be able to plan different kinds of lessons/lesson plans. In order to make sure their lessons are effective is to test for student progress. This is effective for students as well as teachers. Another way for teachers to make sure they are being effective is for the teacher to evaluate themselves. Teachers can have major effects on student's lives, both positive and negative, therefore they should consistently be connected with other teachers and the community.

Certain teachers have insprired me becuase you can really understand the way the teach.

What will you want to be when you grow up?

What sort of schooling can follow after your bachelors in this field? (level of education)

What sort of classes can you expect with this major? (level of education)

Why are you considering majoring in this? (ending)

Who should consider majoring in this? What kind of interests should one have? (background/traits)