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Adversity might not be what you think.

Pain is adversity.

Adversity, what is it like? I would say it is like, the word pain. The google definition is difficulties, misfortune. But pain comes to my mind when i here adversity. To some degree there is pain, think about it, when you get builded verbally you feel that emotional pain. When your not accepted you feel pain. I can not think of one example where the person going through adversity does not feel pain in some way, it could be physical, emotional, mental pain. I got pain from google, there were many synonyms but pain is similar to adversity However when you say pain people think of physical pain, like a cut, hit. But what people don’t normally think of emotional or mental. In some cases the emotional pain could be worse than the physical. So when you might not know that you are buillying someone in a emotional way, the adversity the go through that “little” pain you might not know about could lead in future ripples. Facing adversity is facing that pain someone or something is giving you. You first need to overcome the pain, then face the other parts of adversity. The more you think about it the more sense it makes putting adversity and pain together. Not only, it will make more sense but also you will understand adversity more. You can’t stop because of pain you need to face it.

Adversity why is it there?

Adversity is a very interesting topic. Adversity is a type of emotion, hardships, it is when something bad happens as in you don’t get the job. For example someone could of been through a lot of adversity and wants no more , he/she would say that t would be better. But someone else can say that would think about it, he would want adversary so he can grow stronger. it would teach you perseverance, to get stronger. But what is adversity google say it is misfortune. Such as in this article “Dare To live without limits” says it is an unavoidable part of life, overcoming adversity is healthy for life. Everyone has face or will face adversity. Looks like there are good and bad in adversity even though it might not seem like it. But i would say that there should be a limit of adversity there should be minimum adversity, as people let's say in africa have so much Hardships as: little water, hot day, no school for kids. Then there are people that get everything they want: new phone, next big thing . There should be a middle. The rich should help the poor not like it is now where poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. We should all respect one another, there should be peace. As humans we need to help each other in other words. Or if you see someone hurting then try to understand and mave sympathy for them. You don’t know what they been through , how much adversity they faced.

Adversity different then what you might think.

Adversity.Question, Is that an problem? Most people would say yes, i say no it is not. It may cause problems but itself is not. Because It helps people get stronger through these hard times and make it easier the next time. Answer But let's look at adversity as a problem. What would be the solution? Would it be perseverance or something else. What would you say a solution could be there could be more than one. One of mine is, a quote from” How To Overcome Adversity in Business and Life. “ is “In 1982, Bryant survived a tragic oil rig accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. With grit and determination, he overcame his disability. Now, he uses his life experiences to motivate audiences around the world.” So a solution could be being inspired. Or perseverance, or to overcome obstacles. Many people have fought for equality, Martin luther king jr, Jackie Robinson, etc. But the way i see it is the rich are making ,money wise ,adversity for the lesser, as the lesser get taxed but somehow the rich don’t have to might not seem like it but that’s the truth. We kids have to read, hear about Martin luther king jr but yet we can’t do as he says. Have equality. So the text are part of life so it should be equal just like the rest of life, so there should not be a rich or poor there should be a middle a place where everyone is happy. You have to fight with the rest to have equality and overcome adversity.

Adversity in modern society

Reason why adversity causes many Effects, some are good some are bad. It depends when you look at the Effect. As may be lets says in a job, the cause is adversity or as people bully you. Effect could be you lose the job, might seem bad right get bullied out of your job. But then the company fails and every one is laid off and there looking for jobs while you already have one. So is that a bad or good effect. But there can bad from adversity, as a hardship so hard to overcome it is to much. Like an extreme example is losing you family, house, car in a tornado, left with nothing what could you do not much. Most people would say to keep going according to my research, but it is harder than to write on a paper. going through that all that trauma i don't even know that the kids i ask you be able to get up and be resilient, not to mention to move on. Cause If a tornado actually did hit Illinois and people survived, would possibly try but not get far and give up. I ask again my class, as always there answers differ but the average is 9. Most kids normally give up what i see as goes from 5 to 10 that is a lot of giving up right there. Effect is that a lot of kids would give up and rely on other people, what if those people don’t pull throw for them but only for themselves. Adversity should teach them perseverance, so they have at least a little experience in those hard, big moments. I do know a tornado is a huge example out of a million chance it will happen, but what about something common like not getting your dream job. people would give up and not keep trying. That would not be acceptable in our society. But people don’t face that is a mistake.

Steps to salvation.

dversity comes first the bully, Second Goes to you, Third you have to overcome it or be overwhelmed. There are many steps the most important ones were listed already. Each person has to do it their own way they have to fix it. No matter what you need to keep going, never give up like winston churchill said never,never,never give in. same with adversity you can’t be overwhelmed you have to win against it. There are many steps to overcome or to deal with adversity. First there is accepting it, second there is dealing with it. Third you have to start fixing it could be slowly, but you have to do it. You can’t give up without a fight. As i mentioned before in my previous article’s, you can't let it win, would fight to live or to just die. Not dealing with your problems come’s back to you, just harder. With more problems on top of it. You have to deal with it one way or another. Might at least deal with it when it comes around. That is my steps to you kind reader hope you follow them or try to i know i do and i do feel better.
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