Child Labor

1800s of Britain Makayla Snyder

Young kids working during the Industrial Revolution

Children worked long hours in the factory for little or no pay.
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Jobs children did in the Factories

  • Coal Mines, children had to burn coal. The thought of children in coal mines was very attractive to the compaines, because children were smaller and maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Chimney Sweeps, some as young as 3 years old done it. Their size was also good, because they could get down narrow chimneys.
  • Children also cleaned the factories, no matter how harsh the conditions were.
  • Factory owners thought they could pay a little amount to the children that worked, thats why there were more children working than adults.

Hours, Food, and Working Conditions

  • Children could work in factories up to 70 hours a week, no matter what the conditions were.
  • No matter how long the children worked they got very little pay, and sometimes the children got no pay. They had no money to take home to their families at the end of the day or week!
  • Children got one bowl of soup a day. They could not ask for more.
  • The working conditions were horrible! The factories lacked many things that were beneficial to the workers.

Accidents that offened Happened

  • Unguarded machinery was often a problem in factories, one hospital said they treated nearly one thousand students each year from factory wounds.
  • Children can get their clothes caught in a machine and the machine can pull them in it.
  • Cuts in a lot of places on your body.
  • Many children went home with gashes on them from the machine.

Punishments the children faced

  • Children could not ask for more food. If they asked they were kicked out of the factory and had no money to take home to their family.
  • If children did not do their job correctly they were punished.
  • Children worked long hours in factories, if they slowed down on their job they were whipped by a constructor.
  • The children could not be late to work, if they were they were whipped until they were black or blue.

Efforts to improve/Stop Child Labor

  • Child labor was decreased by increasing political power.
  • The National child Labor committee wanted tougher state and federal laws against the abuses of industrial child labor.
  • Child Labor committees emphasized reform through state legislature.
  • Several laws were later passed about child labor.

This little guy just got done cleaning in between the machines

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