Richard T. James

The Inventor of the slinky

Date of Birth/Death

  • Birth- 1914
  • Death-1974
  • Cause of death- heart failure
  • Died at age 60

Early Life

  • In 1939 he graduated
  • He graduated from Westtown school
  • In 1935 he got with a degree in mechanical engineering
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  • He had a wife named Betty
  • He had 6 children
  • He had 16 grandchildren
  • His wife was the one who gave the slinky its name
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Adult Life

  • He developed a coil winding machine, that started the James Spring & Wire Company
  • Around 1960, James suffered from a mid-life crisis and left his wife
  • He sold over 300 million slinkys
  • He was a naval engineer
  • He and his wife, Betty both took part in the invention
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Why we chose this inventor

  • Because we like slinkys
  • We wanted to see who invented the slinky
  • Because we were assigned to do a project on inventors

I think this invention is important because....

Because they are cheap, and fun to play with!


Caitlin& Madison

How he created it

He was working with tension springs when he dropped one and it started moving. This created the toy