Fight Song Service Project

Shriya Chilukuri

Homeless Care Packages

In the homeless care packages, we were giving food, socks, toys, snacks, and other things to the homeless. So anytime a homeless person knocks on your car door, you have a care package ready to give them. I helped put in the socks in each package. I also helped with the snacks. I also took one home so I have it ready in my car. It helped others because we were giving things they might need to the homeless. I would definitely do it again if I got the chance. It helps many people so that gets me motivated. I would also recommend this to people. It is super fun, and it helps many people too.

Helping Others?

Helping others is very important in life. Helping other can make their day. Doing something as simple as picking something up that a person dropped can make their day. Even though it takes some effort, you have to push forward. Try to make a difference! This impacts the world because you may save a life. You can also inspire someone to help other people.

American Heart Association

If I could help in any other organization, I would do American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization in the U.S that fosters cardiac care, they put in a lot of effort to reduce disability and deaths. I would like to be more involved with the American Heart Association because I love community service and I love helping people. I feel like if you help one person, more people would be inspired to help too. The American Heart Association helps others like the Fight Song Service Project because they give to the less fortunate.