The Weekly

April 24-28

23 Days of School Til Summer!!

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Student Led Conferences

Reminder to send postcards to the office so they can be mailed home. Students only write on the left side. Their home address is written on the right side.

May 1st
: Grandparent Event is cancelled
May 2nd and 4th: After school student led conferences.

Field Days--May 22 and 23

May 22nd – 2nd and 1st swap lunches

9-11 am

Maddux am

Fischer am

Clayton am




1-3 pm

Maddux pm

Fischer pm

Clayton pm





May 23rd

9-11 am

4th and 5th grade

1-3 pm

2nd and 3rd grade

State Testing: May 9-15

Reminder: There is NO homework for any grade May 9-15.
There will be an alternate schedule on these days.
We will have testing buddies. Sign up here:
We will do something special from the staff to the kiddos on these days.
We will have goal sheets.
Stay tuned...

PGES at a Glance

May Focus

We will be looking at our end of year data and setting our 17.18 school and grade level WIGs before summer. My goal is to have your SGG and PGP goals written before you leave so we don't have to worry about them next year.
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Thinking of You

  • For our staff members experiencing life changes. We're here for you and with you.

Do you have an intention we can pass along? Please let us know.

April Faculty Meeting #2

Thursday, April 27th, 4pm

2805 Longbranch Road

Union, KY

One hour of booster time.

This week's staff events

It's Secret Longhorn Week. Don't forget your SL!!

    • MMM
    • Erika out at NISL
    • No Huddle
    • Boot camp at 4:15
    • Club Day--my club will go with the dodgeball group today.

    • Erika at NISL
    • Accreditation from noon to 3:30pm
    • KCM Fractions Training is a maybe...we'll check on it this week for 3rd grade math teachers
    • GOTR
    • Math Content Leadership Team with Rachel after school

    • TLIM Coaching Day focused on WIGs and Goal Setting/Rubric Match and setting goals for ourselves for next year with goal-setting.
    • Boot camp at 4:15pm
    • Erika to Accreditation Board Meeting at 3:30pm at Ralph Rush
    • 4th grade to Camp Ernst
    • Little Mermaid after school
    • GOTR after school

      • Yes Team Leader
      • Yes Faculty Meeting
      • Yes Lighthouse Meeting
      • Cincinnati Childrens Hospital providing breakfast for staff
      • Kindergarten to Florence Elementary
      • Summatives with Erika and Steph all day
      • Erika and Cheryl to RTI report out with Poe 10:30-11:30
      • Little Mermaid after school

      • PBIS Tier 1 Meeting
      • New teachers to Leadership Day
      • Rachel at Coach Meeting all day
      • 1st grade to the zoo
      • Paraed morning and afternoon training--Topic is Formative Assessment
      • PLT Lunch