US Postage Stamp

Who should be on the next US Postage Stamp?


Students read biographies and then chose the person they thought deserved recognition on a stamp.

Next, we took notes and even more notes. We used a graphic organizer to plan our persuasive script. We watched videos and discussed persuasive articles.

Finally, we revised and edited our work to make it better.

We hope our videos will persuade you to vote for our person to be on the next stamp.

Your Choices

Students in 2nd grade researched the following African Americans from history:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Elijah McCoy
  • Colin Powell
  • Major Taylor

Watch their videos below and see which African American you are the most persuaded to vote for. Then, use the Google Form at the bottom to cast your vote.

Who Should Be on the Next Postage Stamp?

Please watch the following persuasive videos created by Mrs. Brown's second grade class. After watching please vote for the most persuasive student video!