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Principal's Update - December 2015

The Season of Giving

We speak so often about how we teach our students to "take care" at Ben Franklin. During this season of giving, we have several opportunities to take care of each other and our community.

Every year, Ben Franklin comes together to support families in our community. Students and families donate canned goods and nonperishable items. Teachers, staff members, the PTO, and individual community members donate turkeys, milk, eggs, and bread. These donations are boxed together to create Thanksgiving Take Care Packages that are given to local families. This Thanksgiving, Ben Franklin supported 20 local families with Thanksgiving meals and more. Thank you for your generosity.

Third Grade Concert

Monday, Dec. 21st, 7pm

Ben Franklin Elementary School

Meet the Trout!

Ever wonder what the large fish tank in the main office is for? Thanks to a grant from the LTEF several years ago, Ben Franklin helps restock the trout population in New Jersey by raising trout here and releasing them later in the school year. While all students enjoy the trout tank, several third grade classes take care of the tank and record data. Below are some common trout questions along with a video of our trout now.

What kind of fish are in the tank?

Our tank has rainbow trout in it. They are members of the salmon family.

Where do rainbow trout live?

Rainbow trout can be found on all continents, but Antarctica. They prefer cool, clear rivers, streams and lakes. The native range of the rainbow trout lies west of the Rocky Mountains from northwest Mexico to the Kuskokwim River, in Alaska.

What do rainbow trout eat?

Rainbow trout eat insects, including mosquitos, grasshoppers, crickets, cicadas, worms, bees, wasps, ants, mayflies, damselflies, stoneflies and beetles, as well as crustaceans and small fish.

Is the water warm or cold?

The water is very cold. To make it just like stream water, we keep our tank between 51 and 54 degrees.

How big do rainbow trout get?

A full grown rainbow trout usually grows to about 20 to 30 inches and about 8 lbs. Rainbow trout usually survive 4-6 years in the wild. The biggest rainbow trout on record was 57 lbs. and was 11 years old.

What will happen to our trout?

Our trout will be released to the Forest Resource Education Center (FREC), in Jackson, New Jersey sometime in late May or early June. They will be 3-4 inches long.

BF Trout 2015 12 01

Lots of Great Learning at Ben Franklin!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • Dec 4 - PTO Holiday Gift Shop at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Dec 11 - Superhero Day (Please no hoods, masks, capes, or accessories)
  • Dec 16 - PTO Meeting at 7 pm
  • Dec 21 - 3rd Grade Concert 7 pm
  • Dec 23 - Early Dismissal 1:40 pm and Spirit Day (wear blue and white)
  • Dec 24-Jan 3 - School Closed

  • Jan 4 - School Reopens
  • Jan 15 - Ben Franklin's Birthday
  • Jan 18 - School Closed
  • Jan 20 - PTO Meeting 7 pm
  • Jan 22 - Pajama Day

  • Jan 22 - PTO Movie Night

  • Jan 29 - Spirit Day - Wear Blue & White
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