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Why More Politicians Are Endorsing Medical Marijuana Throughout the Country

With more politicians then ever before supporting medical marijuana legislation, many people wonder what has led to this important shift.

Medical marijuana is being talked about like never before. With an increasing number of states adopting policies regarding its legal usage, there is a fundamental shift occuring in popular thought regarding medical marijuana usage. Lets take a look at why a growing number of politicians across the United States have changed their minds and are now supporting Medical Marijuana for their state.

The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Are Becoming Well Known

Simply put, the reasons for medical marijuana are beginning to outweigh the negative press regarding this schedule 1 drug. Originally thought to be one of the worst drugs currently in existence, a lot of scientific research has been conducted to show that medical marijuana can in fact be quite beneficial to people battling a wide range of problems. As Olympia medical marijuana users would agree, many of the myths and factual errors regarding marijuana are going away. As a result, politicians are feeling freer to vote.

Other States Are Doing It

With other states having already made headway to legalizing marijuana usage, there is no longer a stigma associated with being the first state in the country to legalize something. When reviewing landmark legislation in the past, once a critical mass of states have legalized something, the majority of other states (baring a few steadfast holdouts) will follow suit as well. With 23 states having passed medical marijuana all ready, it is hard for individual states to be targeted by the national government regarding the use of this drug.

Politician Represent The People

It is easy in this cynical age to forget that the purpose of politicians are to represent the people. Being the voice of the community, a politician will come in contact with a wide range of constituents, including those who desperately need medical marijuana for themselves or for someone they care about. Before the first medical marijuana Doctors Seattle ever got approval by the state, the argument had to made to our leaders regarding the importance of this legislation. While it is easy to argue something on principle, it is even harder to ignore the emotional argument made by a desperate individual looking for nothing else but to relieve the pain of a loved one.