My Map

I like my house because it is shelter for my family.I like Chipotle because they have great food.I like liberty middle school because that is where i learn.I like Ovideo first baptist because that's where my friends are and where I go to church.Also i like Orlando grand prix because we race there.


the winter times the weather is mostly pleasant in December,February,and January.As spring approaches the weather in Orlando starts to warm up in March,April,and May.In the summer there is more inches of rain on the other moths is less.The weather can cause billion of dollars of damage. They have experienced hurricanes,thunderstorms,and floods.This is the weather and how it affects Florida.


The were (16) natural disaster in orange county.Hurrican Charley caused strong winds at 150 miles per hour.

  • Having a meeting place

  • be prepared

  • First aid

  • Ice pack

  • flash light

  • food

  • water

  • shelter


Juan Ponce de Leon he was the one who found florida in 1513.There were 500 indians who came here.The population went up.And know we have technology and a college football team.We have more freedom.


Football,fishing,and talking this are pastimes.My house is a block built house.We have three bedrooms.Two bathrooms and 4 T.V'S also a couch.And I have a one story house.


I have seen Gators. It helps because it gives us food.it harms us by biting us and getting the rode.The male alligator can grow to (11.2) feet the female can grow to 8.2 feet.They are very scaley.


We have film festivals and carnivals.Also we have art festivals and we show off our art.We do a lot of showing our talents.At film festivals we shoe off our moves.And those are so

of our cultures.


I like that I have a lot of friends.And a safe neighborhood with good people.My dislike is bullies in my community.Its always warm where we can go outside and play.And this is my overall refection.