North Korea Government

By Ashley and Jared


North Korea has a Totalitarian government. Totalitarian government is when a place is ruled by a person (dictator), this person can decide what or who can come in or out the country. One back draw of this government is that the people can't vote but one benefit is that the ruler can make desicions fast.

North Korea and their type of government

In North Korea the dictator or ruler is called Kim Jong Un. Other countries with this type of government are China and Burma. Sadly this type of government doesn't work for them because they don't have the right to vote for dictator, the dictator controls everything even what the people can know and can't know about the outside world, and the people in North Korea are not allowed to leave the country. We want to change North Korea from their totalitarian government to democracy, that way they will be able to chose their representatives and everyone could leave and come back to North Korea.