Improving Memory

By:Madden Healy

1) Get a good night sleep

Sleep is very important when you are trying to improve your memory. If you get about seven to eight hours of sleep a night then it will be easier to remember things down the road.

2) Physical Activity

It is important to exercise to keep the brain "sharp". Physical activity increases oxygen to the brain and reduces the risk for disorders like memory loss. It also enhances helpful brain chemicals. It also plays a role in neuroplasticity by boosting growth factors, also stimulating neuronal connections.

3) Repeating Yourself

When you repeat yourself it helps improve your memory. So if your talking to someone and they tell you there name, you would say there name after they tell you it and when you are ending the conversation.

4) Test your memory

You should test your memory by playing brain games or by listening to a list of words and then try writing them all down. This could help with test taking. You could make up a story or a song to help you remember something.


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