Quiona Moore

About Me

Hi! I'm Quiona, I am a junior at Discovery High school and I am from Newton, North Carolina.

My Science History

I normally like science when i understand it. I like how science has a answer for the things that seem impossible to explain. The science class I hated the most was biology, I loved learning about how the body worked and all but it was confusing. The thing that interests me the most about science has to be our solar system or chemical reactions. The solar system because space is just a huge mystery and there's always more you can discover. "its named after a candy bar, the milky way" - Kennedy Clontz. Chemical reactions interest me because some chemical reactions blow things up... who wouldn't want to see things explode right?


My music taste is a little weird. I listen to any type of music but I am not a huge fan of country music. I like mostly the old school, classic type of rap and pop music. I'm not a fan of 2 chains and my favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, 2 Pac and Katy Perry.