Media Media Media!!

social media

I think that social media has to do with using the internet, using many different sites such as google, facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more different sites. Everyone who uses the internet for many different reasons like researching things on the internet or going to facebook to look at other peoples post to see what they are doing or whatever they want to comment on facebook or other websites. The other things about social media can be both positive and negative. Some of the negative things about social media are that people can talk about someone that you may know that isn’t right. Those comments that people use can hurt people. Also when you yourself upload something and regret doing it once second later. For examples of that are celebrities who upload something and regret doing it one second later won’t matter because even if you erase it someone else who have already seen the post or picture and they would have shared it to other people. Some of the positive things about social media are that people can communicate with other people like family members from other states or countries. If they can’t be contacted with their phones they use social media like chatting on face book or what I use kakao talk to contact my family members who are in Korea or some friends who moved back. Also using that helps save money so you don’t have to spend a lot of money calling other countries when you can use the apps that also allows free calling and many more. On Media literate I think it means using the computer to analyze or research or do other things on the internet. There is much usage in using the internet.

Puppy Love

In the Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial "Puppy Love"(2014), they analyze that animals have love for other animals too. Budweiser illustrates by having a dog and horse have a love for each other as in there friendship for each other. The companies purpose is to let others like have good friendship using drinking Budweisers beer. This company uses a humorous yet affectionate tone in this commercial.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Clothes makes the people!!!

What we dress expresses ourselves

The KIM'S, News article

March 20, 2014

Lawrenceville, GA – Where ever we go in the whole world the way we dress expresses what our personalities are and what we like to do. In high school the teachers won't let us wear certain outfits and some are understandable but in other cases like hats why aren't we aloud. Some of the clothes we wear aren't even bad or interrupt the class but still if you wear them you get written up for wearing it. These things just doesn't make any sense."You can't wear that hat in school take it off","That shirt or pants cannot be worn in school go and change into something different".

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Big Brother

The song that I choose was big brother by David Bowie. I choose this song because it talks about the story 1984. In the lyrics it says that they want freedom.. well in my opinion it sounds like they want the freedom so you wont want to feel watched by anyone or anything from keeping you to do anything. In the book 1984 they are telling a story about how they want freedom and how they don't want to be watched by the thought police and how to have a normal life and have a relationship with whoever they love. In the lyrics it said that they want big brother. I wonder if they really want big brother to begin with. wouldn't it be better if there wasn't a big brother to begin with so you can have your own life and do what you want. Also by raising a family if you want to and write a diary if you wanted to wright your thoughts without being watched and have someone spy on you without getting yourself killed. In the song they also say savior. I would believe that they are looking for someone to help them. Just like what they are looking for in the book 1984.
Big Brother - David Bowie

Lyrics to Big Brother..

Don't talk of dust and roses
Or should we powder our noses?
Don't live for last year's capers
Give me steel, give me steel, give me pulsars unreal

He'll build a glass asylum
With just a hint of mayhem
He'll build a better whirlpool
We'll be living from sin,
then we can really begin

Please saviour, saviour, show us
Hear me, I'm graphically yours

Someone to claim us, someone to follow

Someone to shame us, some brave Apollo

Someone to fool us, someone like you
We want you Big Brother, Big Brother

I know you think you're awful square

But you made everyone and you've been every where
Lord, I'd take an overdose if you knew what's going down

[CHORUS (3 times)]

We want you Big Brother

What Media Literacy was this year..

In the beginning of the school year I wrote about what I think social media is. Now it’s the end of the year and Ill finish it with what have changed over the semester. At the beginning of the semester I wrote about how the internet has many usages to them. Now that it’s the end of the year there still are many usages to them it’s just that it could be better to update many pages or fix any problems there might be. I would say that the internet has changed a lot over the semester but in the future I think it could get better but at the same time it could be worse because no one knows what will happen in the future. This year there is a lot of this about social media that I didn’t really know about or really care for until this class. Also what this class teaches you about the life in the media and what things can do to you if you don’t fully understand what the internet can do to you, The internet helps you a lot and there are some ways that they can also hurts you. This class is different from other Language Art class because this class teaches about media and other Language classes teaches you grammar and they also teach you how to write essays and other things. Although media literacy teaches grammar but in my opinion it’s mostly about the life of the internet and what it can do for you. In the future for the underclass men who are taking media literacy next year, my advice for them is to really be into the media then they will have interest in the class and take it more serious. At first for me I was like what can this class really teach you about the internet when you’re always on it. I thought what you can really learn from this class. In the end I did learn stuff about what the media can do and what they can do to and for you. Also in the future the class could be better if maybe there was stuff we can do to help anything bad that might happen later in the future or etc. This is what I think should change about the internet.