Religion Purpose


What is a symbol?

A thing that represents or stands for something else.

What does a cross Symbolizes?

The cross symbolizes man's evil and Gods mercy.


What is a belief?

A Belief is something you strongly believe in, and you want to happen.

Below: Heaven is something that catholics believe in when you die, you go to heaven.

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What is a ritual?

A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order

Myths and Other Stories

What are myths and other stories?

Myths are stories that can or can not be true.

Social Structures

What is a Social Structure

A social structure is the system on hierarchy.

What is a social Structure?

A social structure is the way a community of people is made up like in a school, it has principal first then to the deputy.
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Sacred Texts

What is a Sacred Text?

Sacred texts are holy stories and writings.
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Roman Catholic Sacred text?

This is a book of Roman Catholic holy stories and writings.
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Religious Experience and Spirituality

What is Religious Experience and Spirituality

Religious Experience and Spirituality is like a wonder.

Below: The burning bush is a Religious Experience and Spirituality, because it is a great deal of an experience.

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What are ethics?

Ethics are like rules, like what you have to follow, whats right whats wrong.
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