Attention Future School Counselors!

Resegregation of American Schools in a "Post-Racial" Society

Phases of the American Education System

Discussion Questions
How has your personal educational experience been impacted by NCLB Act?

What were the demographics of your high school?
Percentage of Minority Student Demographics
  • Average Latino student attends a school with a 72% minority population.
  • Average Black student attends a school with a 70% minority population.
  • Average Asian student attends a school with a 55% minority population.
  • Average American Indian student attends school with a 56% minority population.
  • Average White student attends school with a 22% minority population.

There has been improvement in reading for both of these minority groups but the achievement gap still exists

-1998: 14% compared to 2009: 11%

-HOWEVER, high poverty(76%) & low poverty (25% free or reduced lunch)schools are concerning

-4th grade reading gap: 19.8% (1998) & in 2009 15.8%

"...schools classified as a high-poverty schools are also schools with the lowest achievement levels in reading and math"
(Spring, 2013).

After hearing these stats, how much do you think ethnicity and SES play a part in the education a student receives?

*Our society is assumed to reflect a post-racial society where race does not affect opportunity

What intervention plans within your practicum site address the issue of low achieving students?

Chapter 7 Ecological Model


Spring, J. (2013). Deculturalization and the struggle for equality: A brief history of the education of dominated cultures in the United States (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.