Adelie penguin

name of animal

Scientific name

The scientific name for Adelie penguins is pygoscelis adeliae.

Special features

Hundreds of thousonds breeding pairs return to the same nesting ground called Rookery.

Meny travel up to 100 kilmetres over the ice to get to rookery.

What are the Adaptations

They have long stiff tails. They can doze off to sleep while standing up.

what do they eat

Krill is the main food that they eat.But they all so eat fish and squid.
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Size of Adelie penguins

When they are folly grown they weigh 5 kilograms and, they stand 70 centimetres tall.

Predators to Adelie penguins

Adelie penguins are eaten by leopard seals.


They have a blue-black head and chin, pure white stomach and white eye lids.