the Sword and Shield

GCA Crusader News • Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Year of Growth

We have one week and some change left in the school year. Although it will be different than a typical year, over the next few days our teachers and administration will recognize some students who have achieved great things--honor roll, athletic accomplishments, exemplifying GCA's foundations, completing your grade level and being promoted, graduating kindergarten, graduating high school. All of these are tremendous achievements and I am so proud of what you have accomplished this year.

You have grown in many ways this year. Some of you have learned new skills. Some of you have improved your study habits. Some of you have learned so much more than you thought you could. Some of you are better readers, better at math, better at learning. Some of you are kinder. Some have more integrity. Some have learned to be responsible. Some have given your life to Jesus Christ.

However you have already improved, as you conclude this school year and enter the summer, remember that each stage of life can be used for growth. Don't just get done, get better!

S. Jeff Postlewaite

Head of School