Parents Wanted

By: Hope Schneider

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Duties will include:

-providing for basic needs of a child like shelter, nutritional food, water, and clothing

-providing love to a child

-disciplining a child when needed

- raising a child to the best of your ability


Responsibilities will include:

-disciplining your child

-providing for your child, whether that is love or food or other things

-making sure your child gets a good education

-making sure your child gets everything they need to live a good life

-making sure you are being the best parent you can be

-making sure your child knows the difference between right and wrong


Characteristics should include:

-a sense of humor

-ability to be responsible


-strict when needed

-loving and caring

-should have a stable job and a house


Benefits include:

-having a person to always love you

-having a person to always love

-learning new things along with your child

-a life without any dull moments


You will not make really any money being a parent but everyday you see your child growing and you get hugs and sticky kisses you will know that that is enough of a reward.

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