Smoke Signals: Staff Edition

May 21-25

Calendar events for the week...

All Week: Grade Placement Committee Meetings

Monday, 5/21:

  • Senior Serve Day
  • College & Career Day
  • All awards are due to the spreadsheet NO LATER than NOON.
Tuesday, 5/22:
  • 4th grade AG Day field trip
  • 5th grade talent show
  • 9:00 - DLT, Burkhalter off campus
  • 3:00 - all EOY paperwork for DRA/Istation/Education Galaxy should be completed and uploaded to eduphoria.
Wednesday, 5/23:
  • Duke Tip Breakfast (details below)
  • Student Ambassadors party
  • 8:30 - 1st grade awards
  • 9:30 - 2nd grade awards

Thursday, 5/24:

  • 8:30 - 3rd grade awards
  • 9:30 - 4th grade awards
  • 9 weeks Brave Rally - see details below

Friday, 5/25:

  • 8:15 - 5th grade Elephant Walk
  • 8:30 - 5th grade awards
  • 11:15 - Early Release

Monday, 5/28:

No School, Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, 5/29:

RTI Meetings - All RTI Paperwork should be completed by this day. The team will create draft class lists. Kinder and 1st grade will discuss dyslexia screening results. See calendar invites for times.

Wednesday, 5/30:

Work in classrooms

11:00 am - End of year staff meeting and luncheon

4:00 pm - EOY final checkout form due to Burkhalter (pink form)

Thursday, 5/31:

10:00 - District Service Awards, SAGU Schaeffer Center. Report at 10 am.

Friday, 6/1: Summer!

Spring & Summer Events...Mark your calendars! *new dates in bold


5/21 - Seniors Serve Day

5/21 - College and Career Day

5/23 - Duke Tip Breakfast

5/22 - 5th grade Talent Show

5/22- 6:30 - Kindergarten Program

5/23 - 8:30 - 1st grade awards; 9:30 - 2nd grade awards

5/24 - 8:30 - 3rd grade awards; 9:30 - 4th grade awards

5/24 - Brave Rally - Glow Dance Party

5/25 - 8:15 - 5th grade Elephant Walk, 8:30 5th grade awards

5/25 - Early Release, Last day of school

5/28 - Memorial Day, Staff & Student Holiday

5/29 - 31 - Professional Development, student holidays


6/5 - Staff can start accruing PD/Flex hours for 2018-19

6/5 - May 5th grade retest scores will be available

6/13 - 3rd, 4th grade Reading & Math, 5th Science scores will be available

6/14 - Last day for office staff

Week of 6/25 - STAAR, 3rd Administration


24 - First day back for office staff, clerical training

30 - admin retreat :Burkhalter & East off campus

23 - Online registration opens


1 - New student registration

2 - Kindergarten registration

6-8 - new teacher orientation

11 - Operation First Day of School

13 - Convocation & open house at new WHS

20 - Bring your supplies night 5:30 - 7:30

22 - First day of school!

Grade Placement Committee Meetings

I will finish scheduling grade placement meetings on Monday. These will take place for any student who has not met requirements to move on to the next grade due to either academics or attendance. I emailed each of you a list of the students who we would need to meet about.

**Important - a grade placement committee form has been added to eduphoria for each student we need to meet about. Please have your part of the form complete prior to our GPC meeting. **

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Guidelines for Moving

This is a year for many classroom moves! As I have thought through this process, I realize that we will need to follow a few guidelines to help make this happen as efficiently as possible. The tentative map is attached below. *It is still tentative because moves could still happen over the summer. I typically wait to finalize this until STAAR scores come out and the date for resignations passes.

For those who will be moving:

  • First and foremost, we will not be making moves at the end of the school year. Quite honestly, teachers will not have time to complete the checkout process and complete a move before you leave campus.
  • Please pack up classroom items and mark with your name and the classroom that it should be moved to.
  • The first area to be moved will be the portable building. The contents will likely be moved to the gym until the new room is ready. The gym will be used to hold these items because they will stay on the 300 hallway.
  • Other classroom moves will happen as the custodians clean the building this summer.
  • Computers, desks, teacher desks will stay in the classroom and will not move.
  • Personal items that you would like to move yourself will need to be taken home for the summer.

Additional Notes for Teachers leaving Shackelford:

  • Totes are available for teachers moving to another WISD campus.
  • All manipulatives, books, textbooks/TEs, technology - chromebooks & ipads, letter sets, games, puzzles, professional books will stay at Shackelford.
  • thinking maps binders & posters, First Steps materials, ipad, charger & case will need to be returned to Mr. East.
  • Just remember - if anyone besides you purchased an item in your classroom - it stays at Shackelford.

Library - End of Year

All books due back to the library

Thank you to the following teachers for getting everything turned in:

























End of Year Awards and Pink & Blue Cards

  • Pink and Blue cards for rezoned students are due to Mrs. Burkhalter by this Friday, 5/18/18. I will be handing these over to other campuses on Tuesday.
  • Pink & Blue cards for students staying at Shackelford are due to Mrs. Burkhalter in your final RTI meeting on 5/29/18. Your draft class lists are also due at this time.
  • End of year awards should already be in the spreadsheet. These certificates will be printed on Monday so that I can sign them.

Monday, 5/21: College & Career Day and Senior Serve Day

I am so excited to send this information about our first Annual College and Career Day :) The schedule for the day is listed below. Specials and recess times will be at your normally scheduled time unless noted. I will be passing out your updated lesson plans and supplies tomorrow. All students should sit in the hallway at 9:10am, wherever they are at that time, for the senior walk. Let me know if you have any questions!

College & Career Day 2018

8:00 am Kindergarten Speaker (Mrs. Freels: Two - 30min talks) Library (K1/K3 and half of K5 at 8:00 am and K2/K4 and half of K5 at 8:30 am.)

9:00 am

Seniors arrive and go to Cafeteria

9:15 am

Senior Walk - Shackelford students line the hallway

9:30 am

Seniors visit classrooms. I will give them some sample items to talk about.

10:15 am

Seniors go to the cafeteria to paint rocks for our garden. If you have an extra hairdryer we can borrow that day please let me know.

10:50 am

Second grade Speaker (iKids Dentistry) Library

11:30 am

Fourth grade Speaker (iKids Dentistry) Library

1:30 pm

Third Grade Speaker (Fire Department) Library

2:15 pm

First Grade Speaker (Sheriff's Department) Library

All recess and specials time will stay the same for the day with the exception of first and third grades who are switching recess times.

1:00 pm 3rd grade recess

1:30 pm 1st grade recess

**Wear your college shirts!**

Buddy Reader Plans

Buddy Readers are as follows:

Juarez - Brackenridge

Naizer - Taylor

Hughes - Boleman

Whitten - Shurtleff

Glenn - Cavazos

Garcia - Glass

Davis - Hill

Jordan - Harper

McCleskey - Henry

Yrigoyen - Woodrow

McDowra - Glenn

Let me know if you see any glitches. Thanks!

Monica Taylor

Tuesday, 5/22:

  • 4th grade AG day field trip
  • 5th grade talent show

Wednesday, 5/23: Duke Tip Breakfast & Student Ambassador Party; 1st & 2nd grade Awards

  • The Duke Tip breakfast from 8:00 to 8:45 am. I will bring you a list of the students participating on Monday.
  • 8:30 - 1st grade awards, cafeteria
  • 9:30 - 2nd grade awards, cafeteria
  • The Student Ambassador Party will be from 2:00-2:45 pm.

Thursday, 5/24: 3rd & 4th grade Awards, 9 Weeks Rally

8:30 - 3rd grade awards

9:30 - 4th grade awards

The end of the 4th nine weeks reward rally will be this Thursday afternoon. The event will be a glow in the dark dance party. Teachers will bring students to the cafeteria and help monitor them in 20 minute rotations. Please have one teacher in your grade level stay with the students who can not attend. I will pass out bracelets and necklaces next week. Please give these to students before coming to the cafeteria. The schedule will be:

1:30 4th Grade

1:50 2nd grade

2:10 5th grade

2:30 Kindergarten/1st grade

2:50 3rd grade

Please enter through the door students enter to go to lunch. We will exit through the side door or the back door and walk around the building as to avoid a traffic jam.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

Monica Taylor

Work during the summer

Our building will have a few upgrades over the summer. Once your pink checkout sheet has been turned in and the staff service awards have concluded on Thursday, 5/31, you are released for the summer. Please do not make plans to work on your room in June or July. I will send an email in August once the building is ready for you to come work.

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Principal: Theresa Burkhalter

Assistant Principal: Rusty East

Counselor: Monica Taylor