Dragon Roar: 3.22. 2020

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Fourth Sunday of Lent

Good afternoon, Dragons,

As the virus spreads to over 144 countries and very close to our own homes, I thank you all for your united efforts as Dragons to be safe and stay healthy out there.

I am proud to be part of this incredible team of students, parents, school families, staff members and beyond. Our team was strengthened by seeing your faces on Friday and Saturday. Thank you for sharing the love of God during these unknown times.

In a special way, I reflect on today's gospel with you.

Today's Gospel: Fourth Sunday of Lent

John 9:1-41 (shorter form: John 9:1,6-9,13-17,34-38)
Jesus heals the man born blind and reveals himself to him as the Son of Man.

Family Connection:

Jesus does the controversial in today's Gospel, he heals on the Sabbath, a day of rest. Today's Gospel is a reminder to us of how we are all to become apostles--those sent by God into the world.

Today's gospel gives a roadmap of 3 ways we formed as apostles:

1) Jesus uses clay and spit taking us back to the image of creation in Genesis. Jesus, as the Son of God, was equally as present then as he was to the blind man on that day. That is to say, Jesus knows us personally for he shaped us and so calls us to follow him.

2) The blind man washes in water to see again--reminding us of our first initiation to the church: our baptism. We enter the church through baptism, are washed clean and commissioned to our discipleship. The one who bathes in the waters as Jesus says is one from whom flows the “rivers of living water.” We actually become vessels of God’s grace in the world.

3) Finally, we are just like the man whom Jesus has healed. We are called to be witnesses to the truth and love of God.

As the man says to the Pharisees, “He put mud on my eyes. Then I washed, and now I see.” An ultimate and physical profession of faith. How can we do the same each day especially when our lives face so many unknowns?

An idea for your family from Our Sunday Connection for today's Gospel.

Invite each member of your family to draw a timeline of his or her life.

  • On the timelines, ask family members to identify important moments in their lives, especially their life of faith. What were moments that felt God? What were the moments you needed God most?
  • Invite each person to reflect upon who Jesus was to him or her at each significant moment.
  • Then talk about: How has each person’s relationship with Jesus changed or matured?
  • When reading today’s Gospel, John 9:1-41. Note how the relationship between Jesus and the man born blind changes and grows throughout the Gospel.
  • Pray together that your relationship with Jesus will continue to grow and develop, becoming ever deeper.

Thank you Dragons for your prayers, support, and questions during this time. We are here to help!

Below you will have some updates for Remote Learning on Monday!


Ms. Salazar and the SMCS Team

St. Monica Catholic Church Sunday Mass

St Monica Catholic Church Converse, TX on Facebook Watch

Special Sunday Liturgy just for Kids

Children's Liturgy of the Word / 4th Sunday of Lent / 3-22-20


When does remote learning start?

Monday, March 23

  • Our first-week focus is getting connected and setting up expectations, rules, and norms.
  • Please be patient with yourself, your student and our teachers. The learning curve has been fast, fun and so wonderful. Y'all are going to love what our teachers have for you!
  • More elective material will appear--music, PE, ART, tech as we get further along!

How do I get to all the sites and stuff?

All User Names and Passwords Were Sent Yesterday and Today

  • All families received an email with Log On
  • Please go to http://classroom.google.com to log in with your SCHOOL EMAIL that was provided.
  • This school email is only a log-in and will not actually receive email messages.
  • Your teachers will provide codes to enter your specific classrooms.

My Password Doesn't Work

Email asalazar@saintmonica.net and vdaigle@saintmonica.net so one of us can reset it for you.

I have a school device. The Tech Rules Say No Downloading on It. Can I download on it?

  • You may download any App that is required to do school lessons--ie Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.
  • All of our devices are protected from downloading Apps, please email vdaigle@saintmonica.net if you need to add an App and she will support you.

Wait, there are tech rules? Yes! Please read the attached document.

There will be TONS of updates as we get moving. Please help us help you and let us know of issues and roadblocks you encounter.

How do I contact my teachers for questions about the online lessons?

1) Number one best way--email.

2) On Monday and Tuesday, your teachers will each present how they have their class set up and how to get in touch via Remind, Email, Office Hours on Zoom, asking questions on the google classroom, etc. Each classroom is based on our teacher's class.

What will grading look like?

I will be finalizing this with the Archdiocese to see what standards we need to meet to continue our school accreditation AND give you credit for completing this school year during this time.

Right now everything is treated as a Completion Grade and any student not mastering concepts, will be reached out to by the teacher to further support.

Please support your student in getting online; however, independent, student work is what we are looking for!

I can't tune in at the scheduled time!

That's ok. It will be recorded. You will have at least a week to complete all assignments.

My student receives Title 1 tutoring services during the year, will he or she still receive?

Yes! Mrs. Diana Gagne, our Title 1 instructor, has resources and lessons coming your way. I asked her to begin next week. If you need her sooner, please email: Diana.Gagne@esc20.net

HELP! My student receives Building Strong Foundations interventions during the year. How do I do this at home?

Give yourself this week to get acclimated to the learning platform. Email our director of Building Strong Foundations and Academic Success, Mrs. Cortez at rcortez@saintmonica.net to get additional support when you are ready

My student and/or family really need emotional support right now

Email emoncrief@saintmonica.net and she will connect with you and get you what you need!

I think I have missed a few newsletters!! Here is what has been out since Spring Break.

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Don't have Internet? Spectrum is offering FREE.

Ren Web: Parents Web

Stay plugged in to your student's academic needs! Please make sure you have a family account on Ren Web/. Attached is a tutorial to create your account in english and espanol.

District Code for St. Monica's: SMC-TX

What will remote learning look like?

  • Online using RenWeb and Google Classroom. Both links with directions will be sent to you.
  • Packets and workbook work also sent home, especially for younger grades.
  • Students will need--a device beyond a cell phone (Xbox and PlayStation all can work with google classroom) and internet connection. We will provide devices for families with multiple children and no devices at home.
  • See attached document below with our distance learning plan with required minutes and teacher guidelines.
  • We will use IXL Math, Mystery Science, Faith First and Learning A to Z --all of which our students have log on's for their classroom that will be shared with you to access. We have already been using this software in school.
  • An attitude of learning together and patience with each other.
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Handbook for 2019-2020