Memoirs of a Geisha

by Philip J.

What is a "Geisha?"

In olden Japanese cultures, society created the art of being a "geisha." Geisha are still around today, but their ways were more known and more strict a long time ago. They acted like hostesses or entertainers. Geishas would entertain with music, dance, conversation, or play games at parties they would get invited to. These women were usually trained to entertain men. The life of a geisha was very restricted a long time ago. They would sleep on annoying pillows so their hair wouldn't mess up, they are forbidden to love, and they must focus on their studies on all costs.

What is "Memoirs of a Geisha?"

Chiyo Sakamoto, (Sayuri Nitta)

Was sold from her poor fishing village in the 1920s by her father, into an okiya. (Geisha boarding house.) There, she was introduced to the enormous unique city of Kyoto, where technology was far greater. In the okiya, little Chiyo was forced to do maid work while participating in lessons to becoming a geisha. However, one of the geisha that lived in the house, Hatsumomo, envied Chiyo due to her unique blue eyes, and tried sabotaging her in every way possible, giving her a massive debt. Chiyo's life had changed, when a famous geisha named Mameha had come in, and convinced the mother of the okiya to put Chiyo in her hands to becoming a geisha, as she saw potential in her. With this, Chiyo began her training, and her new name, had been Sayuri. Sayuri had lots in front of her. The second World War began, and her life began to falter, and she had to put it back together.

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