Causes & implications

of unequal access to IT

poverty- People may not be able to afford a computer or any technical equipment, they may not not be able to pay for the electricity bills and can't afford and broadband connection.

No electricity- Depending where you live, some countries might not have the access to electricity like some places so therefore cannot use technical equipment.

No connection- Someone may not be in the right location to have access for a broadband connection or electricty so they don't have any power. If they do have a computer it is probably very slow and not fast enough to use for the latest stuff that computers are used for these days.

The location in which someone is situated- Depending where people live they may not have the technology to have equipment such as a computer/broadband therefore they have now way of accessing the web.

No access to technology- Someone may not have access to technology for an example no where to purchase the technolgy that is available, not being able to have broadband connections etc.


Black market- In some areas there are black markets where people can get acces to hardware and software at a cheaper price than you can get it in shops. The products are usually fake copies of the real product.


Programming- You can get software in many different languages but when you want to learn the programmes , you will have to learn it in english because the programme is in english. The main place for programming is Bristol and there are not enough people in bristol doing it so therefore they have to employ people from abroad to come over and learn the programme so the job can be done but they have to learn a whole new language so the programme can be done and that is a type of unequal access to IT.