K-C Weekly News

June 12, 2015.

What you really need to know. Please Read this part!

  • We look forward to seeing you at our Talent Show on Tuesday at 4:00 in the Eliot Performance Center. Hope you can make it!
  • Our class will visit the book fair in the school lobby on Monday, 6/15 at 9:20. Students may make a wish list or purchase books, if you choose to provide cash for them to spend. If you would like to browse the fair yourself, you can do so with our class at 9:20 or after school on Monday from 2:45-5:00.
  • As I have not heard from any families with dietary concerns about popsicles, I am going ahead with our plan to enjoy them with the class during the last week of school. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  • ABC countdown activities to prep for this week:
  1. Monday - (S) Silly socks day.

Mark your calendar.

Tuesday, 6/16 - Kindergarten Talent Show at 4:00 in the performance center

Monday, 6/22 - Portfolio Day and Slide Show 8:45-9:10 in the Kindergarten classroom

Tuesday, 6/23 - Step up day for students! We will have a brief visit with the first grade teaching team together and ask questions about first grade.

Wednesday, 6/24 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, All School Early Release at 12:15

Thursday, 6/25 - Summer vacation. See you in September :)

What we've been up to.

  • We began creating kindergarten memory books to record highlights from our year together.
  • We wrote letters to first grade teachers with out questions and concerns about first grade.
  • We visited Mrs. Schwarm's first grade classroom to see a student reader's theater of Click Clack Moo. Students had a chance to have an insider's look at first grade and get some questions answered by real life first graders.
  • On Oo day we spent a lot of time outside! We had snack, story, recess, chased some bubbles and also brought our memory books outside with us to sketch pictures of Eliot School. Outside day rocked.
  • We celebrated summer birthdays for Molly, Micah and Declan who will enjoy their REAL birthdays in August!
  • Favorite greetings this week were a silent greeting on Quiet day and a closed eyes greeting!

Links of the week.

Practice finding what's missing from the ten frame and what's still there:


Freaky frog time lapse metamorphosis video, made necessary by the conversation noted in The Things Kids Say section of our news. Our classroom froglets have been set free to continue their growth in their natural habitat:


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The things kids say. For real.

While introducing a book called The Caterpillar and the Polliwog, we discussed what might happen to the caterpillar and polliwog (tadpole) in the story.

Student 1: The animals are going to change. That caterpillar is going to be a butterfly.

Mrs. Cohen: That seems like a good guess. What is it called when an animal changes into something else?

Student 2: A butterfly!

Mrs. Cohen: I mean, what is the big science word that describes how animals change from one thing to another?


Mrs. Cohen: Meta......

Student 3: Gascar!

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. I love kindergarten.