By: Laurie Hales Anderson Smore by: Chloe McLeod

About the main character Isabel

Isabel is a young girl who has a sister named Ruth. Both of them have recently been purchased by the Locton family. They not only treat Isabel with no respect, but they beat her sister Ruth. Isabel is now destine to find freedom!

Isabel's thoughts and feelings






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Setting: New York City 1776-1777

Main Characters: Isabel, Ruth, Curzon

Rising action-

* Isabel, and Ruth's master, Marry Finch had died.

*Isabel and Ruth were then sold to the Locton family.

* Isabel finds out the Loctons are British living on the american land during war.

*Isabel meets a new friend named Curzon

* Curzon wants Isabel to spy on the British (Loctons)

*Madam Locton is the boss and makes Isabel, and Ruth do all of the work.

* Ruth has had seizures, which caused madam Locton to think of Ruth as the "devil."

Climax- Ruth was sold from out of the state by madam Locton, but she was lying to Isabel. Ruth was sent to Charleston where the Loctons had land there . Madam finds out that Isabel has been delivering messages to a american commander.

Falling action- Isabel was tired of being held as a slave. So she wrote a pass to set her as a freed slave under madam Loctons name.

* Isabel and Curzon decided to leave New York.

Resolution- Isabel and Curzon took a boat, left the land to find Ruth not knowing what was going to happen.


Two young girls named Isabel, and Ruth are slaves. Their owner Marry Finch had died. In her will, Marry Finch said that the two girls would be set free. Marry Finch's brother didn't care what Isabel and Ruth wanted, so he went to go sell the girls.

Isabel and Ruth were bought by the Locton couple. they were then shipped off to sea to New York. when the had arived, they went right to work. Madam Locton told Isabel to fetch some water.She did as she was told. As she went to get water,a boy named Curzon offered to help her.Since that day, they have made a friendship together. one day Curzon asked Isabel a favor. He wanted her to spy on the Loctons about what the British were planning. He told Isabel that they were supporting the king. He wanted her so he could tell his master, and maybe they could receive freedom. She did as she was told. Isabel had listen to the conversations Mr.Locton and his friends had been saying about what they were planning. On the other hand, when she wasnt listening to conversations, Isabel and Ruth would be working hard and long.

Isabel had noticed that Ruth was acting different. She was being beaten by madam. Not only that Ruth would get seizures, and madam would think that the devil was in her. Without Isabel knowing, madam Locton had "sold" Ruth. Isabel was speechless. She couldn't believe that her sister was gone.

Isabel was going to find her sister. She found out that madam never sold her, she just left her in Charleston. Isabel was sick of the games madam did. So she wrote a pass to set her free under the Loctons name. Curzon, and Isabel took a boat, and sailed off to find Ruth

About the author

Laurie Halse Anderson is a New York best time seller. "chains" and "speak" were also national book finalist. Laurie is passionate about writing, and writes for any age.

Fun facts about Laurie-

*she is terrible at math

*her favorite genre as a child is history

*her birthday is October 23rd, 1961