WPES Weekly PD Newsletter

Issue #5 November 20, 2015

Dates to Remember

  • November 16-25, 2015 Progress Monitoring i-Ready and Amplify (grades K-5)
  • November 26-27, 2015 No School Happy Thanksgiving
  • December 1-23, 2015 i-Ready MOY administration window (schedule will follow)
  • December 9, 2015 Progress Reports Due
  • December 9, 2015 Evening Parent Teacher Conferences
  • December 17, 2015 Distribute Progress Reports

Literacy and Math Updates

Progress Monitoring Updates

Our first progress monitoring is mostly complete. We only have a few more students to assess. Click Here to find the progress monitoring/growth monitoring calendar for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2.

i-Ready Central

Includes various resources and supports including how to videos, tips, planning tools, and much more.

World's Worst Pet: Free Vocabulary Game App for ipad users

World’s Worst Pet is a free vocabulary game app that targets the skills that are most essential for achievement in Reading and Comprehension and then harnesses the power of game design to motivate students to help develop those skills. World’s Worst Pet provides targeted skills support for vocabulary development. The link below takes you to the teacher/parent guide for using the World's Worst Pet both as a complement to classroom instruction and for extra practice at home.


Door 24 Plus: Free Mathematical Fluency App for ipad users

Door 24 Plus is a mathematical fluency app that harnesses the power of game design to help develop students’ skills in both fact fluency and computational fluency. The link below takes you to the parent/teacher guide for using the Door 24 Plus both as a complement to classroom instruction and for extra practice at home.


Math Weekly Pacing Calendars and Guided Reading Forms (lesson plan and record)

Pacing Calendars and Guided Reading Forms are due every Friday.

Math Exit Pass Tracker Sheet

This tool is available for all teachers to help organize and analyze their exits passes to inform instruction. Click Here to access the tracker.

i-Ready Lessons are Available for Teacher Use

Click Here to see more information about i-Ready updates and lesson plans.

Upcoming PD Opportunities

Innovative Instructional Strategies Webinar Series

Please join the MSDE Office of Professional Learning and educators from across the state for a collaborative webinar series beginning in 2016.

Topics are focused around "Innovative Instructional Strategies".

If you are interested please register: http://bit.ly/MSDE-2

Please forward to anyone who may be interested.