Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte


Jane Eyre was an orphan, raised by her cruel aunt Mrs. Reed. After overcoming her miserable life at Gateshead, Jane fled to Lowood, where she attended as a student for six years and two as a teacher. After about a decade of horrible events, Jane finally decided to make a change in her life and so she went to Thornfield where she worked as a governess to Adele, Mr. Rochester’s daughter.

Before she knew it, Jane had fallen in love with a man, much older than her, whom has a big secret. Strange things occur at Thornfield, but Mr. Rochester does nothing about it.

Key Facts:

Title: Jane Eyre
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Context: 1847 in London
Date of first publication: 1847
Setting: Mostly in northern England... Gateshead Hall, Lowood, Thornfield, The Moor House, and Ferndean (Mr. Rochester's last home).
Major Themes: Love

Analysis of Main Characters:

Theme Analysis

Love and Goth

Love: Throughout the book, Jane begins to fall in love with a man, she kind of talks about how her love for him begins to grow, and it sets the mood of romance to the reader. Because of her affection towards this man, Jane feels that she cannot love again. And even though she was proposed to from a different man, she rejected it because she knew that she did not love him and he did not love her.

The book, kind of shows how true love can always bring back together these two people, no matter the situation. And this affection that Jane has, really shows how compassionate and caring she is. And so she describes the love of her life throughout the book with care.

Goth: "Gothic Fiction or sometimes referred to as Gothic horror is a genre or mode of literature that combines fiction, horror and Romanticism" (Wikipedia).

Even though love plays a larger role in this book, apparently goth plays a part too. At the beginning of the book, Jane is locked up in a "haunted" room in which she faints. Once she arrives at Thornfield, a series of mysterious events occur, all of which some one is intended to get hurt. But according to Mr. Rochester, it is nothing to be afraid of.

New Book Cover Edition:

I picked this picture because the man Jane fell in love with turns out to have a secret which comes across their love for each other, and so this picture kind of shows how they have to, in a way, hide their feelings.