BHA Update

March 25, 2023

Ramadan Mubarak!

Asalaamu' Alaykum wrwb,

Alhamdulilah, the blessed month of Ramadan is upon us. I encourage you all to be selfish with your time, and selfless with your actions. We often perceive this month as a time for family and community gatherings, but there is an individualistic component that is vital as well. Bettering our own character, controlling our nafs, and strengthening our relationship with Allah should be prioritized and held in high regard. I encourage you all to make measurable goals for yourselves this Ramadan and achieve them to the best of your ability. The success of our school is largely dependent on our collective Iman. So please take this advice with weight, so Allah can continue blessing our community with Rahmah and elevating our ummah at large.

Once your individual plan is created, follow through. Remember that motivation gets you started, and habits keep you going. Reconnect with Allah and you will see His bounties in this life and the next. May Allah accept your siyam, qiyam, du'a, and all of your efforts in this holy month. And may He rejoin us all in Jannat Al Firdous. Ameen.

-Mr. Muhammad Qassimyar

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Ramadan School Timings

Ramadan short day schedule starts on Monday. Students will be dismissed 15 minutes earlier at AG and, therefore, parents with students at both campuses may find it more convenient to pick up AG students first and then head to CC.

For 4th and 5th grade, bus students and students with CC siblings will be dismmised starting 1:45 PM for your convenience. No early dismissal slip required.

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Ramadan Schedule - Middle and High School

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, April 5

Thursday, April 6

The links to sign up for conferences will be shared this week through Jupiter Ed insha’Allah.

Early dismissal at 12:15 at both campuses.

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Ramadan Enrichment Activities

We are pleased to share that our 6th to 8th grade students have prepared a meaningful project centered around the Gates of Jannah and the characteristics of those who enter them. Students will be encouraged to strive towards possessing these qualities throughout the month, Insha'Allah.

In addition, our high school classes have teamed up with the 6th graders, under the guidance of Sh. Jamaal, to engage in a house competition focused on promoting the values of different Sahaba clans. The house that best exemplifies its values will be recognized with a prize at the end of the month.

Our students, CC and AG, also have the opportunity to participate in several competitions hosted by our National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) chapters.

Qur'an Reading Contest - CC PTO

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Ramadan Message from Student Council

Assalamu Alaikum Dear BHA Students and Families,

Alhamdulillah, we have all been blessed to witness the start of this holy month once again and have the opportunity to strive towards bettering ourselves and increasing our good deeds. Let us aim to do more than what we did last year as if it is our last Ramadan.

One of the many goals we should set for ourselves during this month is to increase our recitation of the Quran. The Prophet (SAW) said, "The one who recites the Quran while proficient in its recitation will be with the honorable and obedient scribes (angels), and the one who recites the Quran while finding it difficult will have a double reward." We should also strive to increase our charitable acts and become better Muslims in our community.

The Student Council would like to express their gratitude to the Broadcasting Club, led by Maryam Purmul, for creating this wonderful video below that showcases some of our Ramadan projects here at school and also extends wishes for a happy Ramadan to everyone.

May Allah continue to shower us with His mercy and blessings. May He make it easy for us to achieve our goals and guide us during this special month. May Allah give us the strength to resist the whispers of the shayateen and restrain ourselves. We pray that you all have a blessed and fruitful Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Warm Regards,
Student Council Team

Ramadan 2023

March Character of the Month: Self-Control

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On The Horizon!

Monday, March 27: Ramadan short day schedule begins

Monday, March 27: Quarter 4 starts

Wednesday-Thursday, April 5-6: Parent Teacher Conferences (Dismissal at 12:15)

April 10-21: Spring/Ramadan/Eid break

Clairemont Campus Updates

CC Library Enhancement

The PTO Library Committee and the BHA Admin Team have combined efforts to fulfill an initiative to enhance the library collections of each grade in elementary. Books written by Muslim authors, containing Muslim characters, allow our students to better connect to the stories they read. Teachers worked with their homeroom parents to create wish lists for each grade, and simultaneously held a community book drive. The donated books we received, coupled with the purchased books from the wish lists, have given us the opportunity to expand our collection of Muslim publications for our young scholars. Now when they read stories in class, they can see characters that reflect themselves and our beautiful deen. We thank all those who put in efforts to support this impactful initiative.

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Ramadan Hot Lunch Menu - CC

We will be serving pizza every Monday and Wednesday only.
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Office Hours

Ramadan Office Hours (AG & CC):

8:00 AM - 2:30 PM Monday through Thursday

8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Friday

Office Phone Numbers:

  • AG Campus: 858-250-0972

  • Clairemont Campus: 858-278-7970

Office Emails:

Jazakum Allahu Khairan.