LEAD TCML introduces future leader : Maira Groot Kormelink

Interview with Maira Groot Kormelink about her perception on Leadership

Maira is 22 years old and comes from Ommen in the East of The Netherlands close to the German border. Maira is in her final year of her studies Trade Management to Asia at the Rotterdam Business School. Maira's language focus in her studies is Japanese, but she spent 1 year in South-Korea where she both worked and studied. Maira is now back in the Netherlands and is currently undertaking an elective in Personal Leadership Development.

The following is an interview with Maira about her unique capabilities and her perception on Leadership.

My Perception of Leadership

What makes Maira Groot Kormelink so unique?

I believe what makes me unique is my ability to adapt to different environments such as different cultures and organisations. I also believe that I am able to empathize well with the people around me and their feelings and interests. Connecting with others is very important to. I value my friends and family a lot. Another point that characterises myself is my desire to be true to myself, to live an authentic life. Being true to myself and leading the life I want, makes me feel whole and comfortable. I therefore grab every opportunity I can get to improve myself and to continuously grow.

I believe there are many ways to achieve your goals in life; there is not just one path to success. I will easily try something new to see where it leads me. In Dutch we say "if you don't shoot, you will always miss" which means If you never try, you will never know. One of my key strengths is that I do not give up easily, even if I do not achieve the results I have in mind. I don't easily back down and keep on try and always do my best.

What does leadership mean for Maira Groot Kormelink?

It is important to realise what kind of person you are in relation to others and self. If you think you are a leader but you don't influence anyone or nobody is willing to follow you then you can hardly call yourself a leader. Leadership is not just about managing others, it is also about managing yourself. Leadership for me is all about consideration and responsibility. When you are a leader you need to be considerate and be responsible for the people and things around you. Lead by example. Another important thing that comes to my mind when I think about leadership is strength and perseverance.

"I LEAD not only to grow, but also to help and support others in their journey"

How do you see yourself as a leader?

In addition to what I have already mentioned about my perceptions of leadership, I think my leadership style is based on building trust, listening deeply to others, being honest, being strong, being considerate, taking responsibility and inspiring others.

How would you like to help others discover their unique leadership style?

Actually I think it is important that other people find their own unique leadership style without me telling them too much about what to look for. I would like to encourage others to think deeply about themselves and to provide guidance where necessary. Stay on the supporting line and lead from behind. I also would like to be an example to others when I feel that what I have accomplished could also inspire others. I see my leadership style probably more as a kind of coaching or mentoring style. I want to inspire people from within to find their unique leadership style.

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