Crossovers, and Becoming A Man

Mozart Guerrier, MSW, executive director at 21 Progress presents at Seattle Town Hall in partnership with Ignite Talks and the Education Lab of the Seattle Times a 5-minute talk on crossovers, basketball, and becoming a man.
"Public discussion about education is often relegated to policy debates, funding conundrums and political positioning. In a word, it can be dry.

But no one leaving Town Hall last Thursday night would have used that adjective. More than 350 students, teachers, parents and education officials filled the meeting space for a boisterous series of five-minute talks on everything from socially relevant math lessons to segregated schools.

The event, Ignite Education Lab, was sponsored by The Seattle Times and presented 11 speakers culled from 79 applications. Ten were picked by the newspaper, and one, about overcrowded classrooms, was a reader-choice winner. Several generated standing ovations." via Claudia Rowe Seattle Times
Black Eyes, Crossovers, and Becoming A Man by Mozart Guerrier (SEATTLE TIMES)