Fourth Grade News

2015 - 2016

September 8, 2015

Welcome to our very first newsletter. This will be a place that we are able to share what your students are focusing on throughout the week as well as any upcoming dates/events that will be happening. We also enjoy sharing fun resources we have come across, and resources that that the students have been using in class. Included will be any need for donations that we need for our rooms, and any important items that we may need returned to us! We hope you find this newsletter to be a helpful piece of communication between home and school.


- Please make sure to return the Children's Literary Festival permission slip forms for the upcoming field trip.

- Homework: Reading and math homework come home nightly. Check your child's red homework folder for the assignments.


We have spent this first unit completing an in-depth study over genre. Our learning has focused around evaluating books by genre and being able to recommend them to others based on matching the expectations the students find. The students have worked hard at writing about their reading. Check out pictures below from our Interactive Notebooks.

Also throughout this unit, Mrs. Johnston-Hull, Maplewood's Teaching and Learning Coach, has been joining our classes to teach us the important roles within literature circles. The students will be participating in small literature circles throughout the year. Ask your student about the roles of Word Wizards and Quizzical Questioners. More to come soon.


We are finishing up the first math unit, in which we have learned about estimation, addition, subtraction, measurement, and geometry. Look for the family letter for unit 2 next week. This family letter will have information on what students will be learning about in unit 2. The answers to the homework assignments can also be found in the family letter.


We just wrapped up our first unit on memoirs. Our focus was to write from our own important experiences/memories. We wrote about important people, objects, and landmarks that have had an emotional impact on us at one time or another. Our writing is currently on display in the hallway but will be coming home soon!


In our first science unit, we have been using scientific inquiry to discover matter. We have investigated mass, volume, mixtures, and solutions. Check out the links below!

Upcoming Dates

  • September 28 - Healthe Kids Screenings @ Maplewood
  • September 29 - Healthe Kids Screenings @ Maplewood
  • October 5 - No School
  • October 13 - Field Trip to Children's Literature Festival
  • October 16 - Fall Pictures
  • October 16 - Field Trip to Symphony
  • October 20 - Grade Cards Go Home
  • October 20 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • October 22 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • October 27 - Boo Bash
  • October 30 - No School

Resources / Links

Spelling City

Here you will find our weekly vocabulary lists!