Augment your World with Aurasma

Karen Wright-Balbier @kbalbier

What is Aurasma?

Aurasma is an app that allows you to scan a picture and use it as a trigger to play a video or display a 3D model. The app allows you to attach information to real world objects, such as scanning a book cover to get reviews, a book trailer, or reader summary. Another example might be to scan a poster students made to play their presentation video. This tool also allows you to create your own augmented reality experiences for your users.

Examples: My Showcase :)

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Diorama Example

The Telligami App was used to create the background video. Chatter Pix was used to create the talking fish and the talking bear in the log.

Ideas to Augment your Classroom or School

Let's share ideas to augment our classroom or campus this school year. How can you see Aurasma being used to learn? What do you imagine students creating?

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Aurasma iPad app tutorial

Let's Create our Own

First things First
-Create an Account or Sign In
-Know what your trigger image will be
-Know what video you want to share (up to 30 seconds)
-Think of what you will name your Aurasma Channel.
-How will you share your Channel so that others can follow? QR Code, Link, email