Cyclops Island

By: Kyndall and Morgan

About Us:

Attention Ladies! Ryan Gosling and other celebrities vacation on this island. Don't got to boring beaches this summer come to us at Cyclops Island. Every summer the five star resorts sell out quick, so buy a room now, while you can! Come visit the white sand beaches and torquoise waters! We have beautiful jungles, and lots of surprises here on the island. We have a lot of tourist attractions such as caves for you explorers, beaches and a cool petting zoo for the kids.


At the resorts, it is $90.00 a night per person but all 3 meals are free!

This trip is guarenteed to be the best of your life! You want to keep coming back. We have a lot to choose from, and the scenery is beautiful here. It even has a historic background. This was the ancient site of the story of Odyseuss' journey!