Thomas Jefferson


Jefferson's childhood and family

Thomas was born April 13, 1743, at Shadwell plantation in west Virginia. He encountered various experiences that would flicker in his mind until the day he passed away. These experiences were heavily associated with slaves and the way they were treated. For example, Jefferson (at the age of 3) encountered a fascinating quest with one of his dad's slaves into an adjacent wilderness. This was a fifty mile journey, and Thomas would never forget it. He realized that slaves actually were not as harmful as the prejudices would stated. The slave's name that he was with has not yet been discovered.. However, the African American was cordial to Thomas, and this was an inspiration for Jefferson to change the world. Thomas's family members held prominent positions in society, which was a drastic head start to Thomas's goal of political ascendancy. His father was a famous cartographer, and his mother was a famous Randolph.
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Jefferson's primary accomplishments

Thomas aided our nation's economy when he decreased America's debt by 25%! What an enormous change! He is a major contribution to our nation's successful economy to this day. If it was not for Thomas Jefferson, this country we inhabit may just have been an economic catastrophe. Jefferson also assisted America's destiny of expansion by purchasing what currently holds 1/3 of the nation. In 1803, this amazing man purchased French's territory for 15 million dollars! This deal is known as the Louisiana Purchase. Well, check for that! America's ultimate goal was to expand across to the Pacific, and Thomas Jefferson accomplished it. As well as expanding across the North American continent, Thomas wrote one of the most sensational, and effective documents in American history. This piece of paper is labeled as the Declaration of Independence. Due to Jefferson's diligence and determination, the colonies would secede from Britain and become an individual nation. One great accomplishment that any political figure would dream to attain is becoming a Secretary of state. One of the ultimate, influential leaders of America. And, of course, Thomas Jefferson seized this position and became the first Secretary of state under George Washington. This upkeep-ed his ascendancy in humanity, and enhanced his prominence. This accomplishment diffused his paradigms across the continent. Another thing that spread-ed his political philosophies was the fact that he sold his library to the Federalist Society. Now his enemies would receive a piece of Thomas's credence.
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His devastating adversity

Throughout his younger years, a ruthless individual named King George 3 neglected the colonies as if they had no worth. However, this motivated Thomas to ascend, and he took the mistreating as an inspiration. Despite the fact that this ruler was one of the most prominent men on the planet, Jefferson and his colonists were ambitious, confident in their potential. Although King George rejected the Declaration of Independence, which was Thomas Jefferson's masterpiece, Thomas knew that his document was necessary, and was a seed that would grow to be one of the best nations on planet Earth. Later in his career, after Thomas' paradigm to secede from Britian was ratified, he know had to face the other prominent people that gave harsh denunciations about what he believed. He would end up becoming one of the biggest opponents of the concepts associated with slavery. Many southerners who owned plantations found slavery as their only source of finance.

Jefferson's ascendancy.

Thomas drastically influenced America's perspective upon human liberty and freedom in various aspects. Due to his diligence and bravery in changing society and growing a new nation, we (as civilians) now view one another equally. As previously mentioned, Thomas wrote one of the most famous documents to ever enter American history. This document individualized our nation, formerly the American colonies. But, we must also recognize the other documents he published, the Virginia Statue for religious Freedom. Not only did Thomas have credence for equality of political aspects, but he believed in human equality as well. Jefferson concluded that a nation with one dominant religion would be predominantly inequitable. The Virginia Statue for religious Freedom altered religious freedom. The notion of an impartial atmosphere motivated Jefferson. And he would eventually change the world. That is what you call ascendancy! Thomas Jefferson ascended to be the third president of the United States! What an opportunity to divulge his paradigms, and express his view on human freedom!

Thomas's education

Thomas Jefferson graduated from the College of William, and Mary. Throughout the years of 1760-1762, Jefferson obtained essential law information that formed him into the sensational leader he was and still is to this day. He was placed at the English School at the age of 9. This education developed an intelligent mind, surely was the root of what formed him into such a great leader. It was extremely important that Thomas received the appropriate education, so he would not be such a tyrannical dictator as King George 3 was. Thomas Jefferson was well educated since the day he was born, and was a studious individual. Having such influence unto the foundation of America required punctiliousness, knowing that one little mistake could cause a political catastrophe for many generations impending.

Significant relationships that inspired Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson had a strong connection with his fellow politician, Samuel Adams. These two prominent individuals drastically influenced the principles of the two political parties that would endure to this day. Since Thomas Jefferson was on the Anti Federalist side of politics, Anti Federalism would be altered most by Thomas. Not only Samuel Adams, but James Madison, and Amos Tuck as well. Many of the people that Thomas Jefferson would connect with were the primary seeds that would grow as the U.S.A. Benjamin Franklin had strong ties with Jefferson too. Predominantly, Franklin and him were the ultimate authors of the Declaration of Independence. Someone that Jefferson admired was Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry had analogous paradigms to Thomas Jefferson's. Patrick inspired Thomas to have a mindset of knowing that the tyrannical leader of Britain had no right to rule over the colonies if he was to not represent them himself. King George 3's laws were inequitable, and (from Patrick's philosophies) Thomas Jefferson would declare independent from Britain. All of these individuals would each pitch in a significant contribution to the foundation of a new nation, all on Thomas Jefferson's shoulders. What a responsibility he had!