The history of Pennsylvania

By, Isaac Mroz


Have you ever been to a colony that was given to a random person by the King George III of England? If you said "yes" than you have been to the Pennsylvania Colony. Did you know that William Penn was given the colony by King George III of England? Also many Quakers lived in the Pennsylvania Colony. Finally, Benjamin Franklin had many creative and unique inventions. Sure modern day Pennsylvania is interesting but just imagine what it would be like in colonial times.

How It All Began

Did you know that Pennsylvania means Penn's Woods. The Pennsylvania colony started in 1682. Or at least that is when it was given to William Penn. William Penn was given the colony by British King George III. That's pretty cool that a random guy was given the responsibility of a colony. Pennsylvania was a colony with many different cultural backrounds. Many Quakers visit Pennsylvania. I think the reason for that is William Penn is a Quaker. So grab your time machines and go to colonial Pennsylvania. Trust me you'll have fun.


Now don't be confused when I say Quakers I'm not talking about the Quaker Oats. I'm talking about a famous group of people in colonial times that were well populated in the Pennsylvania Colony. Quakers are members of the Religious Society of Friends. The Religious Society of Friends are Christians that are free of England. More than half of the worlds Quakers lived in the Colonies. Isn't that amazing! Quakers live all around the world and more than half of them lived in the Thirteen Colonies. Next, Quakers thought education was important. Lastly, Quakers meet once a month except for prayer. The Quakers are an important part of the formation of our country.

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was a very skilled inventor. Three of his inventions are electricity in lightning, the first paved road in Philadelphia, and the first fire department in Philadelphia. One of the most famous colonial person is Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin flew a kite in a lightning. Most people thought he was crazy, but he knew what he was doing. When the lightning struck the metal key Ben Franklin Knew he had made history that day. He was also involved in the first paved road, and fire department in Philadelphia. He did these things in 1756 only four years after he found electricity in lightning. Ben Franklin had many great inventions and a very accomplished life.


These are some of the reasons why Pennsylvania is such an amazing place to live. Pennsylvania was given to a random person by King George III of England. Also, Quakers are well populated in Pennsylvania. Some of Ben Franklin's inventions were life changing. Now you know why Pennsylvania is such an amazing colony.


  • Struck: to be hit by something
  • Christians: people who believe in Jesus Christ
  • Responsibility: a duty or task that you are told to do


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