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January 17, 2016

Closing the Gaps: Yes, Gaps with an "S"

“We are not a product of our environment, we are a product of our expectations.” -- Wes Moore

  • Achievement Gap
  • Opportunity Gap
  • High Expectations
  • Working toward Excellence

These words are at the center of providing ALL children what they morally deserve in an educational setting and in life. They are such a part of our everyday work at Southside!

....I do not want to attempt to summarize the article written by our new Kentucky Commissioner of Education. I am hoping you will make the time to read it yourself. (below)

Welcome Lora Griffin to Southside Staff

Lora Griffin will join the Southside teaching staff this week! Lora has a wealth of experience in primary education and is passionate about every student growing and learning at high levels. Lora will be working to support core instruction in kindergarten and first grades due to large class sized that have continued to grow this year. She will also work with multiple grade levels in the area of intervention. Lora will begin her new schedule on Monday, January 25. More scheduling details to come, but thank you for making Mrs. Griffin feel welcome at Southside!

ACCESS Testing

ACCESS testing will take place this week for our students who are English Language Learners. Paula Strong, Christina Coleman and Santina Plottner will be administering. (Schedule document in link below)

All 1st – 5th grade testing will happen in room 209. Thanks to third grade for use of your team MacBooks.

Room 209 will be closed this week until noon every day.

Kindergarten ACCESS will occur individually this week – Mrs. Plottner will be testing all kindergarteners. Calendar invite was sent to all kindergarten teachers.

Teacher Leaders and Math Resources

Grace Childers and Ryan Dierson are getting "out front" as teacher leaders in the area of mathematics for primary students. Grace and Ryan are part of a cohort learning group with Kentucky Center for Mathematics that is focusing on Early Math Intervention. They attended the first two sessions of six last week. Part of the training is to connect teachers to the wealth of resources available through KCM and their grant work. Below are links from last week. I look forward to Grace and Ryan supporting staff growth in the area of early numeracy and fluency.

In the photo above, each post it represents a standard related to fluency K-5 (left to right). It is clear the focus on fluency and number sense in primary grades is essential before the algorithm is introduced.

FREE Math Intervention Guide

Check out the Math Intervention Guide on the Kentucky Center for Mathematic website. (You will want to register, but you can use: username: bluegrass password: math to do a quick look!) Click on the Math Intervention Guide. You can search intervention activities by Task Group, Grade Level, Standard and select instructional area of interest. You will find 6 scaffolded activities in the folder. When a student is able to complete the final activity in the folder they will have achieved mastery. Lessons include printable needed, learning target, and assessments. I HIGHLY recommend this site for TIE time small groups, differentiated instruction, individualized needs and fun "special" game homework!
Big image

Maddie Meyer's fifth graders share the culmination of their Project Based Unit with classmates.

MLCHS Student to Watch

Jessica Collins, a junior at MLCHS, will be a feature teen on Nickelodeon's HALO Effect show Monday night at 8:00PM. Here is a quick 30 seconds introducing Jessica:


What a great celebration of a young student with a vision!

LivingWell Health Plan

from the Commissioner's newsletter

If you elected a LivingWell health plan for 2016,

don’t forget to take your Vitality Check or
online Health Assessment by May 1.

1. Get started
You’ll need your HumanaVitality ID card.

You will find your HumanaVitality Member ID number on this ID card. Use this when you get your Vitality Check, or if you have forgotten your password when you take your online Health Assessment.

2. Take your pick or do both:

Get a Vitality Check (biometric screening).

The biometric screening consists of a finger prick to measure your cholesterol and blood glucose, a blood pressure check, and height, weight, and waist circumference measurements. The screening is provided at no cost to you* and is offered at a number of convenient locations. Find locations here. Fast for at least nine hours prior to your appointment, and bring your HumanaVitality ID card and a photo ID.

Take your online Health Assessment.
Visit LivingWell.ky.gov. Click "HumanaVitality Login" to log in. Hover over "Get Healthy," click "Health Assessment" and answer the questions to receive your Vitality Age.

(Or complete your Health Assessment on the HumanaVitality mobile app.)

3. Proof of completion

Log in to HumanaVitality, hover over “Get Healthy,” click “Achievement Dashboard.” Your Health Assessment should appear on the Achievement Dashboard within 24 hours. Vitality Checks may take 4-6 weeks to appear following your screening date. Click “Download as PDF” to save a document that can serve as verification.

If you have your Vitality Check done at your primary care physician, you must submit proof to HumanaVitality. Find the form here.

4. Get points

HumanaVitality rewards you.

HumanaVitality rewards you for completing your promise. Receive 2,000 Vitality Points just for completing the Vitality Check, and up to an additional 2,000 Vitality Points for results in healthy ranges. Earn even more points by completing the online assessment.

*Physicians office co-pay may apply.

Visit LivingWell.ky.gov for all your wellness benefits.

Questions? Visit community.humanavitality.com or call 855-478-1623.

MAP TESTING MAP TESTING SHOULD BE COMPLETED. If someone in your classroom has still not completed MAP, contact Mrs. Plottner immediately.

This Week at Southside

Monday, January 18

No School: MLK Holiday

THIS WEEK: January 19-22 ACCESS Testing (Strong, Coleman, Plottner will administer)

No guidance classes this week due to ACCESS Testing

Tuesday, January 19

Robyn OUT at CO

Beth OUT at CO-AM Only

Sarah Gregory OUT

  • Bindu Sunil at Southside for Math Coaching/CoTeaching
  • K-2nd Priority Standards work at Central Office (Boardroom), beginning at 8 am. (Teachers representing SSE will be out of building)
  • Hardesty, Hill, Dierson—I-Tteam Mtgs during planning
  • Staff Meeting 2:45 RttT Survey/PR Committee Meetings (Library) Bring your new journal!

Wednesday, January 20

  • Leadership Shelby Visits Southside 10-11:00 (2nd grade classrooms)
  • Morrison, Roberts, Valerio—I-Team Mtgs during planning
  • ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference)

Thursday, January 21

Robyn OUT at CO

  • 3rd-5th Priority Standards work at Central Office (Boardroom), beginning at 8 am. (Teachers representing SSE will be out of building)
  • Data Teams during planning (Math) Bring scored formative/create template prior
  • Student Lighthouse Team meets after school

Friday, January 22

Susie OUT @ CO for Lead and Learn

  • Taylor Hill & Kara Clark observe in a self-paced 3rd grade math classroom at Heritage

Coming Up

January 26 Micro Clinic Begins after Staff Meeting

January 28 New Teacher Session (Meredith's Room)

February 3 Leader in Me On-Site Coaching Visit with Emily Reed

February 4 ABRI Coding Day

February 5 Father/Daughter Dance

February 8-February 18 Engineering Week(s)FLEX PD Feb 12/NO SCHOOL Feb. 15

February 11 Potential Date for Valentine's Day Parties

February 12 District PD Date (Flex for those who have met hours)

February 15 NO SCHOOL Presidents' Day

February 17 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference Room)

February 18 Engineering Showcase (6-7:00)

February 19 Author Study Spotlight (Morning Meeting)

February 23 School Visit (Dr. Neihof and Lisa Smith)

February 24 Wellness Committee 3:00 (Conference Room)