Food Dogs Eat

Dogs only eat two times a day at 7:00am and 7:00pm. Dogs eat dog food. You can give them real food, but not too much. No chocolate or candy because it will make them sick. Dogs do not need too much dog food either. Every time you leave and you put them in their cage you should give them a treat or a bone to calm them down and get them their cage. Dogs need water too. Every day when you wake up put new water in your dogs water bowl.

Dogs Walks

Dogs are sometimes crazy so if you have two or more dogs only walk one at a time. You should only walk them for 20 minutes or less because they will get hot and need water. You should walk so your dog so it does not go in your house.

Dogs Play Time

Dogs should not play with any toys that are not soft because it may hart their teeth. If you play with your dog do not make your dog run away from you because if they run out of the house they might not want to come back to your family.

Dogs Naps

Old dogs like from the age of 7 to 17 sleep a lot. Most dogs are crazy when they are a puppy, but when you play do not make them run away from you. When they are puppies make sure they sleep because latter in the week they will be really tired.