Holicong Middle School

Updates From Mr. Bucher

Mr. McGullam's Science Class

Mr. McGullam's class did a hands-on activity demonstrating Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection. The activity was called "Survival of the Woolyboogers." Here is some quick background information on the activity: "On a distant planet there exists 4 species of a creature called a Woolybooger. All Woolyboogers eat beans. Woolyboogers are similar in most ways, except for variations in mouth parts" (represented by various utensils and tools). Students started with either tweezers, forceps, test tube holders, or a spoon. Their goal was to obtain a total of at least 20 beans in the allotted amount of time (which decreased each round). The catch was they could only take one bean at a time. The ones who did not survive at the end of each round were said to have died. The ones who did make it past a given round were said to have survived and successfully reproduced and passed on their beneficial trait. The ones who died then became the offspring of the survivors with the beneficial trait. There were bar graphs to plot the data collected and analysis questions to answer.

9th Grade Assessment Presentations Scheduled For February 25th, 26th, and 27th!

March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. As a result, Aramark is sponsoring a student poster contest. They will select the best submissions from the elementary, middle and high schools and award a gift certificate to those students. Please see the attached flyer.

Flag Display At Holicong

Holicong staff and students are celebrating and recognizing the contribution that each of us brings to Holicong by displaying a flag from each country represented by our students and staff. Please stop by the lobby to view the flags of 12 different countries!

Next Week's Athletics At Holicong....

-Monday, 2/25 – 7th grade boys' basketball VS Unami home

-Tuesday, 2/26 – 8th grade boys' basketball VS Tamanend away

-Wednesday, 2/27 – 7th grade boys' basketball VS Newtown home

-Thursday, 2/28 – 8th grade boys' basketball VS New Hope-Solebury home

-Friday, 3/1 – 7th grade boys' basketball VS Tamanend home

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News From Aramark....

Aramark continues to offer a variety of lunch and breakfast items to students at Holicong. For recent news, please review Aramark's latest newsletter.


Board Briefs from the latest School Board Meeting from Tuesday, February 12, 2013 are available at this link: CLICK HERE.

Midde School Orientation For 6th Grade Parents

Tuesday, March 5th 2013 at 7pm

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA