Heads up, 7 Articles?

By:Hunsi Jayaprakash

Don't ramble! Learn more about the Preamble and the 7 Articles of the Constitution

The United States Constitution provides a framework for our government. Preceding the Constitution, the Preamble introduces it. In the Preamble, it declares that the power of the government comes from the people. The Articles of the Constitution, 7 to be precise, follows the Preamble.

In the Articles 1-7, powers of branches, Necessary and Proper clauses, and amendments to the Constitution are addressed.

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L- Legislative (Article I)

E- Executive (Article II)

J- Judicial (Article III)

S- States Rights (Article IV)

A- Amendment process (V)

S- Supremacy of the Constitution (Article VI)

R- Ratification (Articles VII)