Mia Miller

How much does a flight cost from the united states to colombia

Range in prices is about $1,200 to $2,000 (US Dollars)

4 major land form that includes rain forest, rivers, oceans, lakes, mountain ranges, volcanoes, and waterfalls

Williston lake, Fraser river, mount, fair weather, and pacific ocean


-Official languages: Spanish

-Ethnic groups: 80% non-ethnic

Population: January 49% Mestizo

-2014 estimate 37% white

47,42,4337: 10.6% black

Religions: Christianity 3.4%

0.01% Roma

Currency and Conversion rate to the US dollar (USD)

1964.30 Colombian peso


-Major industries: textiles, food, processing, petroleum, clothing, footwear ad etc

-Unemployment rate: 7.1% June 2009

-Population below poverty line: 32.7%

Three popular tourist destinations

Gold museum- in Bogota Columbia is only $3 features hundreds of sliver and gold

Tayrona national natural park- features many beautiful scenarios of Columbia

Fore 21,000 pesos

National-7,000 pesos

Children- 3,600 pesos

Gorgona Island- small 256m have to ecosystem beautiful

Typical foods

Breakfast- Beans, rice, eggs and etc

Lunch-Shredded meat, sausage, eggs, beans, rice and etc

Dinner-meat or fish, potatoes and etc

Popluar Dances in Colombia

Porro- Joyful, a faster rhythm

Salsa- uses hip movement fast music


Instruments used- Bass drum or tambora, Mandolin, Bombardino and etc