Drunk Driving

By: Myrisa S, Wally, and Sammy A

The Facts

  • Most people with DUI's are not alcoholics
  • Drunk driving causes approximately one-third of all traffic accidents in the united states
  • Roughly 3 out of 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related collision at some point in their lives
  • Every other minute somebody is injured from drunk driving, every half hour somebody dies.


  • Long term effects are injuries, death of others, guiltiness if you're the drunk driver, and grief for families involved.
  • About 30% of Americans are involved in a crash caused by drunk driving sometime in their life.


  • No ride home
  • No taxis
  • Don't plan ahead

Possible Solutions

  • Provide a taxi service
  • Host takes car keys
  • Harsher laws
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Mothers Against Drunk Driving Commercial with a Classic Car