Peter the Great



  • Peter was a very curious person regarding foreign land and new technologies.
  • He was impressed by Parliament once he visited England.


  • Peter used his power to help make Russia a modern power.
  • By the end of his rule, Peter had gained Russia more territory and ports in other countries.
  • During his reign, Peter improved the Russian army.


  • After visiting various parts of Europe, Peter wanted to adopt Western culture in Russia.
  • Peter the Great imported Western technology and enhanced the education in Russia.
  • To pay for this, Peter encouraged exports. Thus, he improved the waterways and canals.
  • He passed a law that allowed nobles to keep their land, including the peasants that worked for them.


  • Peter took the throne in 1682 when he was only 10 years old.
  • He was married twice, to Eudoxia Lopukhina and then Catherine I of Russia until his death in 1725.
  • These two marriages resulted in 11 children, with many of them dying during infancy.
  • Peter had the head of his wife’s lover cut off and put into a jar of preserving alcohol, which he then ordered to be placed by her bed.
  • Peter eventually died on February 8, 1725 of gangrene.
  • Gangrene is dead tissue caused by an infection or lack of blood flow.
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