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August 31, 2020

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Additional Material Pick-Up Scheduled ~ September 10 from 8-3

Dear Families:

Our warmest thanks for your support these past few weeks.

I am so proud of our students and staff who have welcomed the task of virtual learning and adapted to theses changes to show they are willing to persevere and learn in various platforms.

That being said, we have come to realize additional materials are needed to support our students during this time. Please plan on coming to school on:

September 10th 8-3 pm. (all grades)

We will provide ADDITIONAL material pick up for ALL grades at this time.

Please simply call the office if you are not able to come on September 10th to your child's home school and your materials will be available after this date.

Thank you,

Amy Molinsky

Jane Addams School Principal

Virtual Learning and Attendance

This year’s virtual learning is more structured and interactive than what students experienced in the spring. Improved structure, minimum direct instruction time requirements, academic schedules, assignments, and grading all make distance learning more similar to the regular school routines.

Attendance requirements during virtual learning are also similar to the requirements of regular school. Students must log in and be present at the scheduled start of each school day and attend each subject’s or class’ live teaching that day. Teachers take attendance and record students that are not present during the live teaching portions of the student’s schedule. Although students are required to attend the live teaching portions of the day, students may elect to complete independent school work or assignments during any part of the day.

If your child will be absent, the child’s parents are required to call the school’s absence line and notify the school that their child will be absent. If your student is marked absent and a parent has not reported the absence to the school, an automated attendance call and text will be generated.

Regular attendance is essential and District 15 schools are required to follow their attendance and truancy procedures. If your child is unable to participate in live teaching due to technology problems, parents should contact the school’s attendance line so that your child’s absence can be marked as an excused absence.

Virtual MAP Testing

Each year District 15 students in grades 2 through 8 take an achievement test called the MAP test. The MAP test measures a student’s reading and math levels, is taken by the student with a Chromebook, and takes between 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

This year, all students in grades 2 to 8 will take the MAP test during the distance learning portion of the school year. Teachers will be in contact with students to explain and walk them through the virtual MAP test taking process. Schools will scheudle a MAP test “dry run” in early September. Students will take the actual MAP test between September 14 and October 1. Your school will provide specific test dates and times to you prior to testing.

Linked below is our parent and student “cheat sheets. You will be provided with another copy closer to MAP testing. Parent/Caregiver Cheat Sheet, Student Cheat Sheet.

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