Islamic Religon

Fardowsa Jimale/Fardodo😂😂


Hi my name is Fardowsa and il be talking about Islamic Religon.

1.I'll be talking about the holy Quran.

2. Holidays/Celebrations.


4.The clothes we wear.

5. The food we eat.



The clothes we wear are a Hijab,Skirt or dress and of course shoes.

In our Religon we have to hide our hair ,Hands so technically all of our body.

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Halal Food.😜

The halal food we ate are rice sambusa patsa everything except pork and gelatin.

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Dugis is we're we go to learn about The Prohpts S.A.W. We Learn Quran and about our Religon. If your thinking it's like school it inning it's better. I go to Dugis Monday through Thursday and Saturday I'm also go to summer Dugis it's it's fine I love Dugis.

Again if your think it's school it its it's better than SCHOOLLLLL.❤️❤️

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