Apollo 11 Space Travel

by:James T. Idell

My reasons

The reasons i chose this event is:

1. Space travel has always interested me for years.

2. The space race to me was one of the most developing event the U.S has had for a good long while.

The start

The space race started and ended in 1957-1975.The space race mission was to see between the USSR (The soviet union) and the US (United states) to see who would control space flight capability.

Five facts

  1. The apollo 11 mission lasted from 1957-1975.
  2. The three people that made the moon walk possible is Neil armstrong,Buzz aldrin,and Michael collins.
  3. The apollo 11 mission was the first successful attempt to get a man on the moon.
  4. The apollo 11 mission was one of the cause of the development of ground breaking tech.
  5. The mission brought many people from different states of the U.S.
First Moon Landing 1969 - The Greatest Day Ever